Hello, my name is Kevin. I have started this blog to share my views of various states of consciousness with discoveries I have made along the way. I hope others have also made these or similar discoveries so we may discuss methods on achieving these states. I love talking about all the states of consciousness. Let’s start with daydreams and the hypnagogic state.

Daydreams are a great place to start. We have all had this experience, starting with just being bored as a young child with a short attention span. Most of the time it was just staring off into space, thinking of just about nothing. When we got older it began to happen more often after a nice filling meal, especially around midday in the warmer months. Yeah, it is so easy to nod your head and briefly experience imagery of a seemingly random subject. Daydreams are the gateway to entering the hypnagogic state. The lack of support for your head when daydreaming allows you to dip briefly into the hypnagogic state and experience an image or auditory reverie. What is the hypnagogic state? The brief period between closing your eyes and falling asleep, way before you start to actually dream.

Why are daydreams a great place to start? The brief image or auditory reverie you get from dipping into the hypnagogic state is a great way to start working on recall. If you don’t recall what happened in your dream, then you basically just slept last night, right?

Inner and Outer Worlds